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The Ultimate Guide To Local Sex from A Feminist’s Perspective

Dating is hard for men and women alike, but women face some issues that men typically don’t. If you’re looking to chat and meet local girls for sex as a man, and you’re wondering what you can do to improve your chances, then this guide is for you. We’ve written this guide for men from a feminist’s perspective to give you some tips on how to date, meet, and fuck with local girls successfully and respectfully.

The Best Dating Apps For Finding Sex

Nowadays many men get their internet/smartphone/social media fix through apps like Tinder or Bumble. These dating apps aim to increase the amount of online dating sites out there, yet this only makes the overall pool of potential partners smaller.

Additionally, online dating makes it easy to give up trying to pick up women on the street. In order to get local women’s attention, you sometimes have to meet them in real life, not through the convenience of an app.

Have you ever met a woman at a party, coffee shop, or other setting, and found out they’re not single or that they aren’t local? One app is putting an end to the guessing games with online dating when you’re just looking for a fuck buddy, and it’s called LocalSex. This app is just what the name implies, and it delivers where dating apps usually fail. Not only do apps like Tinder often fail to get you any dates, but they normally don’t get you sex either. Local Sex is an app just for people who want to meet local people and fuck as soon as possible with no strings.

What Women Think Of Local Hookups

In general, women don’t have many rules, especially when it comes to men. They have a few basics, which include: don’t sleep with a guy within a week or two of meeting him; don’t sleep with a guy before he meets your family and friends; and don’t sleep with a guy unless you know he’s gonna treat you well.

Other common guidelines for women include: Date for a while before sex. Send guy’s cell-phone number and/or email Be polite (don’t be a bitch!) Don’t hook up with guys you know are losers (i.e. guys who come from a criminal background or have a lot of ex-girlfriends).

Get to know a guy before having sex (don’t just sleep with a guy who shows up at your apartment unannounced). Get his family’s approval first.

Common Online Dating Mistakes

Dating has changed a lot in the last few years. Websites like OkCupid, Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle, and more have changed the way people date and connect with people in their area.

But a lot of the confusion is due to the fact that each site has a different way of interacting with people. Some sites have a strict theme, whereas others are more open.

Also, it’s easy for you to get into a pattern of meeting and messaging women with a predefined type, which can keep you from getting out of your comfort zone and having actual conversations with women that are different from the stereotypes of women that you’ve been exposed to throughout your life.

There are many other ways of meeting women through our modern technology, but the online dating scene isn’t for everyone.

Applying Online Dating Etiquette Correctly

Most of the time when you’re talking to a girl on Tinder, she’s really super cute and all of her pictures make her look like the perfect girl next door, the girl you’d walk home with on a chilly night after a movie. It’s so easy to overlook that she might just be a complete psycho, and that you need to watch your own behavior. Especially on Tinder.

Don’t just swipe right on any girl who asks for it and then quickly message her. Or the girls who don’t usually have too many pictures up. They may be crazy and will only want to talk to you to find out more.

Always make sure you are looking for anything strange with the girls you chat with on Tinder. This includes body language, how they dress, and if their online behavior matches their real-life behavior.


So there you have it. We’ve tried to list some ideas to help you improve your dating success. Now you’ve just got to take the first step and go out and meet people. If you have any questions or problems with this guide, feel free to email us.

Complete Fuckbuddy Handbook – By Feminists For Men

Complete Fuckbuddy Handbook For Men

Ready to learn everything you need to know about a fuck buddy relationship?

Good, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Fuck buddies are the hottest thing in the casual sex scene, and if you’re a red-blooded guy who wants to enjoy all the fun without the hassle, you’re likely already using fuckbuddy dating services like Tinder or Fuckbuddy VIP.

Don’t worry, because this article is going to cover everything in full. From finding a fuck buddy to establishing ground rules to being the best damn casual sex partner a woman could ask for. Here’s your ultimate Fuck Buddy Handbook.

What Is A Fuck Buddy?

Right off the bat, let’s clear up what fuck buddies actually are. Prior to contrary belief, it’s not just some slut who you hook up with when you’re drunk. Your fuck buddy is someone with whom you share a mutually-beneficial relationship based solely on casual sex.

She’s not your girlfriend and you’re not her boyfriend. You two should only meet up when one or both of you are in the mood to fuck, and you should treat each other with respect and politeness. You don’t have to do lovey dovey things like dinner dates and you’ll need to keep all feelings and emotions at the door.

Finding A Fuck Buddy Relationship

First and foremost, you need to know where to meet these elusive fuck buddies, and your first point of call should be online platforms. Social media, dating sites, specialized forums. There are a lot of places you can use to find that perfect person for you.

First, try a trust-worthy site like Tinder or Adult Friend Finder. If nothing happens, hit the more niche platforms like Hinge or Bumble. Don’t shy away from the more ‘traditional’ dating sites like Match either. There are plenty of people on there looking for casual relationships too.

Ignore Your Usual “Type”

Everyone has a preferred kind of partner, right? The kind of person who ticks all your boxes, be they sexual or anything else. Sure, this is good if you’re looking for someone long-term, but not ideal for a casual situation.

When searching for a potential fuck buddy, throw your usual chicks out the window. If your ideal woman is Victoria Beckham then focus on the girls who look nothing like her. There are a handful of reasons for this, but the most important one is that you don’t end up falling in love. In friends with benefits relationships, it’s very easy for love and lust to overlap. Avoid it any way possible.

Establish Ground Rules

This is the most important one of all. If you want to keep a successful fuck buddy relationship alive, then you need to know where the boundaries are. Casual sex arrangements blur the line between friendship, relationship and mutual disconnection, so what things are off the table?

Is pillow talk allowed or should you leave once the pleasure ends? Will you be meeting each other’s friends or parents? Should you still email each other funny cat videos? Is a naughty trip to Milan together out of the question? These are the questions you need to ask.

Don’t Tell Your Friends

Fuck buddy relationships thrive under discretion and privacy. The more people who know about your relationship the more likely you are to part ways sooner rather than later.

One of the most important rules is to keep your arrangement on a need-to-know basis. When other people get involved, they’re likely to try and influence your relationship decisions. How many of your friends have tried to give you relationship advice in the past? Probably a lot, and taking unsolicited advice regarding a FWB arrangement isn’t a good idea.

Kick The Jealousy Habit

When you’re fucking someone for a while, it can start to feel like they belong to you. Sex releases dopamine and dopamine conjures up intense emotional feelings. However, jealousy in a casual sex relationship is the kiss of death.

It’s important to understand that your fuck buddy is probably doing other things with other guys. The chances of you being her sole lover are pretty slim and there’s nothing you can (or should) do about that. The whole point of being casual with each other is that can make good use of other people too.

Be Respectful

Respect goes a long way in this world. Sure, she might just be the women you contact when you’re horny (and vice versa), but always keep in mind that she’s a real person with real feelings and emotions. Even though you only use her for her body, be aware that there could be times when she doesn’t feel like meeting up.

She might have something else to do, like work or studying. In addition, she doesn’t want to be talked to like she’s just an afterthought, whether it’s before sex or after. You are both giving yourselves to each other in the most primal of ways that’s a reason to respect your partner if nothing else.

Don’t Be A Fool

…wrap your tool. Sure, sex is fun, and casual sex is even better. But don’t forget that promiscuous sex comes with risks for both you and her. Be mindful that you might not be the only person she’s having her wicked way with.

Disease, pregnancy, herpes. The casual sex scene is full of it for obvious reasons. I encourage the rule that every man should keep a condom in his wallet at all times just to be on the safe side. No one wants to fuck someone with an STD.

Fuck Buddies Don’t Last Forever

All good flings come to an end. It’s a harsh truth of life. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you and your friend with benefits are eventually going to go your separate ways.

This is something you need to be aware of right from the get go. Keep it in the back of your mind at all times because, not only does acknowleding its limited shelf-life heighten the sexual experience, but it will ensure that your heart stays in tact when it all ends.

How To Date a Conservative: A Guide For Liberals

Now, more than ever, America is divided, and there’s no question it’s affecting how we date. Generally a liberal and a conservative might hookup, but will struggle to build a long term relationship due to the conflict in beliefs. Here’s a quick guide on how to date a conservative (or trump supporter) if you’re a liberal.

Why Conservatives are more likely to be conservative

First off, not all conservatives are crazy conservative. Just like all humans, there are varying degrees of conservatism. Liberals are, in general, more likely to be left-leaning liberals, and conservatives are more likely to be right-leaning conservatives. How to find a liberal If you’re looking for a liberal, you’re probably looking in a college city like San Francisco, or New York City. Smaller cities or suburbs are not the best for finding conservative people. How to date a conservative If you’re looking for a conservative, you need to keep in mind some stereotypes: Conservative people will act like they’re an authority on you. You will be constantly on trial. And also, they might claim to be experts on almost everything.  According to adult dating site conservative men and liberal women are more likely to simply have a one night stand, then to build a long term relationship.

Understand the political spectrum

What I mean by that is that you need to understand the way political parties and ideologies work. That means not assuming they’re all bad or good, but simply understanding the goal behind each party. Conservatives want small government, free market policies and a society of strong leaders. Liberals want government to address and provide solutions for social and economic issues, such as healthcare, education and poverty. To understand their beliefs, you need to understand their ideals and goals. Once you’ve gained that knowledge, you can more easily try to reason and discuss. Gather information For starters, educate yourself on conservative policies. I highly recommend Alexia D’Addario’s well-researched book The Allure of Trump, as well as Hillbilly Elegy.

Understand that liberals and conservatives have differing views

Don’t expect the conservative to abandon his or her beliefs just because you like the other person. Understand that conservatives and liberals have different views on science You will likely find the conservative constantly questioning climate change, evolution, etc. This can be frustrating, especially for someone who is science-literate. Understand that you will be on the opposite end of the spectrum As a liberal, you may be eager to have the conservative over for dinner and to explore shared interests, but you should expect a slow change in your date’s view on issues, and to be challenged by the conservative’s lifestyle.

Understand that conservatives have different views than liberals

Different sides of a debate have opposing ideologies, and as I learned in the Breitbart-report, liberals think conservatives are racist while conservatives think liberals are stupid. It’s tough to find common ground there. One thing I learned was that if a conservative says they’re a “traditional family,” they might have no problem having three kids with three wives, but the liberal may feel differently. Everyone has their opinions. Communicate, and get to know your conservative friend’s belief system first Being a conservative can be a confusing, scary, and intimidating prospect. I think most conservative students would be surprised to know how many different conservative groups there are on campus and what people’s beliefs actually are.

Understand that conservatives don’t necessarily hate liberals

Even though conservatives have a reputation of not wanting to associate with people who don’t agree with their party, you should be prepared for your conservative date to think that they “hate” liberals. But that doesn’t mean they actually do, it just means that they’re used to seeing liberals acting aggressively, therefore making them believe that everyone on the other side is like that. Follow these tips: Keep politics out of the conversation The best way to have a civilized conversation with a conservative is to avoid using the topics of religion or politics altogether. This won’t happen, but you should definitely be on your toes if one of them starts to bring them up.

Understand that conservatives have different values than liberals

Even though they both tend to believe in equality for all (tax cuts for the wealthy and education for everyone), the conservative worldview is about more than just material things. They generally believe in a strong national defense, adherence to the rule of law, traditional gender roles, capitalism, self-reliance, and a greater interest in family. While liberals often subscribe to those values as well, they apply them in different ways. For example, liberals tend to prioritize environmentalism, tolerance, internationalism, and more. Conservatives tend to view the world through a more conservative lens; they value personal responsibility and independent thought over all else. This can make it difficult to understand each other, especially if you want to change someone’s mind.

Understand that conservatives have different life goals

Most are highly religious, yet most don’t believe in social welfare. That means they probably want you to stay at home or avoid working at all. They want you to stop having sex or masturbating (or both), they want you to stop watching R-rated movies, they want you to refrain from drinking alcohol, and they want you to stop putting extra salt on food. If you don’t agree with them, you’re not conservative, you’re a hippie liberal or a leftist. Limit expectations Most conservatives are very set on how a relationship should be. The conservative wants to be in control. It’s essential to understand that the conservative wants to be in control because they hate anyone who’s not. They’re not looking for someone who’s passive. They want someone who’s able to boss them around.

Understand that a liberal and conservative might get along

Liberal and conservative ideologies may be opposite, but there are still some people that share a lot of the same beliefs. The key is to talk about these issues with the person. Hear their point of view, and debate the issue and try to convince them of your side. It’s not uncommon for both the liberal and conservative to have a different opinion on the big issues, like homosexuality, abortion, drugs, crime, etc. Try to stay aware of the politics while you’re dating and try to have a civil debate with them. Support them Sometimes liberal and conservative people are from different sides of the political spectrum, but they just want the same things. Try to support them. Go to their rallies or speeches if you can. Work together on something to get your point across.

The Dating Advice 1. Just be open-minded and understand where they’re coming from. Don’t judge them based on their political views, or what social values they hold. Just try to meet their politics halfway and understand where they’re coming from. The Republican party and it’s supporters is not the enemy. They’re not just going to change their political views, and Trump will eventually stop alienating them. There’s good reasons to vote for Trump. Just be willing to hear out their reasoning. Also, understand they’ll have different beliefs when it comes to social issues, so their views on guns, and life and death issues may not line up with yours. 2. Pick up on their cues. If they say they’ve voted, then maybe they have.