The Ultimate Guide To Local Sex from A Feminist’s Perspective

Dating is hard for men and women alike, but women face some issues that men typically don’t. If you’re looking to chat and meet local girls for sex as a man, and you’re wondering what you can do to improve your chances, then this guide is for you. We’ve written this guide for men from a feminist’s perspective to give you some tips on how to date, meet, and fuck with local girls successfully and respectfully.

The Best Dating Apps For Finding Sex

Nowadays many men get their internet/smartphone/social media fix through apps like Tinder or Bumble. These dating apps aim to increase the amount of online dating sites out there, yet this only makes the overall pool of potential partners smaller.

Additionally, online dating makes it easy to give up trying to pick up women on the street. In order to get local women’s attention, you sometimes have to meet them in real life, not through the convenience of an app.

Have you ever met a woman at a party, coffee shop, or other setting, and found out they’re not single or that they aren’t local? One app is putting an end to the guessing games with online dating when you’re just looking for a fuck buddy, and it’s called LocalSex. This app is just what the name implies, and it delivers where dating apps usually fail. Not only do apps like Tinder often fail to get you any dates, but they normally don’t get you sex either. Local Sex is an app just for people who want to meet local people and fuck as soon as possible with no strings.

What Women Think Of Local Hookups

In general, women don’t have many rules, especially when it comes to men. They have a few basics, which include: don’t sleep with a guy within a week or two of meeting him; don’t sleep with a guy before he meets your family and friends; and don’t sleep with a guy unless you know he’s gonna treat you well.

Other common guidelines for women include: Date for a while before sex. Send guy’s cell-phone number and/or email Be polite (don’t be a bitch!) Don’t hook up with guys you know are losers (i.e. guys who come from a criminal background or have a lot of ex-girlfriends).

Get to know a guy before having sex (don’t just sleep with a guy who shows up at your apartment unannounced). Get his family’s approval first.

Common Online Dating Mistakes

Dating has changed a lot in the last few years. Websites like OkCupid, Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish, Christian Mingle, and more have changed the way people date and connect with people in their area.

But a lot of the confusion is due to the fact that each site has a different way of interacting with people. Some sites have a strict theme, whereas others are more open.

Also, it’s easy for you to get into a pattern of meeting and messaging women with a predefined type, which can keep you from getting out of your comfort zone and having actual conversations with women that are different from the stereotypes of women that you’ve been exposed to throughout your life.

There are many other ways of meeting women through our modern technology, but the online dating scene isn’t for everyone.

Applying Online Dating Etiquette Correctly

Most of the time when you’re talking to a girl on Tinder, she’s really super cute and all of her pictures make her look like the perfect girl next door, the girl you’d walk home with on a chilly night after a movie. It’s so easy to overlook that she might just be a complete psycho, and that you need to watch your own behavior. Especially on Tinder.

Don’t just swipe right on any girl who asks for it and then quickly message her. Or the girls who don’t usually have too many pictures up. They may be crazy and will only want to talk to you to find out more.

Always make sure you are looking for anything strange with the girls you chat with on Tinder. This includes body language, how they dress, and if their online behavior matches their real-life behavior.


So there you have it. We’ve tried to list some ideas to help you improve your dating success. Now you’ve just got to take the first step and go out and meet people. If you have any questions or problems with this guide, feel free to email us.

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